Sue Bird innately possesses a winning mentality. That is the action that she takes. It is something that she has consistently done.

There aren’t many things in sports that can compare to the point guard’s success in women’s basketball. My mind immediately goes to Bill Russell and Serena Williams.

However, despite being around for decades, the G-O-A-T narrative is still very recent.

The debate about whether or not the 5-foot-8 selfless floor general could be considered one of the greatest of all time appeared to gain momentum around the same time that player did something that thrust him into the public eye a few years ago.

“Sue, to me, is an example, or is an indication of how the league has progressed in a number of different ways. “She came in when it was just a few years old, which was a time when there was no social media, and Sue was a much more private person back then,” Ginny Gilder, the owner of Storm, said. “Over the past five or six years, Sue has come into her own as an artist, and the league as a whole has found its voice.”

Bird’s professional career came to an end on Tuesday night, when the Seattle Storm’s home game against Las Vegas in the semifinal series ended in a loss by a score of 97-92. Bird, who is now 41 years old, finished the game with eight points and eight assists.

Since Bird began dating soccer player Megan Rapinoe, who is now her engagement, she has become much more outspoken off the court on a variety of issues, including social justice, LGBTQ problems, and women’s rights over the course of the past several years since they began dating.

“I felt like I was open. Everyone who was important to me was aware. Regarding the topic of her sexuality, Bird stated in 2018 to The Associated Press that she “simply hadn’t had this talk with a reporter.” “I realize now that by making your opinion known to the world, you can have an effect. That is the topic that we are discussing at the moment.

People have a history of listening to what victors have to say, particularly when they win in the proper way (as Williams did with her 23 grand slam victories in tennis) and Russell won 11 NBA titles and Williams has 23 grand slam titles.

Bird won two college national championships while playing for the University of Connecticut Huskies, four WNBA championships with the Seattle Storm, and five Olympic gold medals with the United States of America. This does not take into account the multiple titles she won while competing overseas in the Russian league during the offseasons of the WNBA, nor does it take into account the five FIBA World Cup championships she won.

The guard with the quirky sense of humor is one of the most adored players in women’s basketball, but she lacks the public swagger of her buddy and fellow basketball superstar Diana Taurasi.

Despite the fact that her value has never been called into question, Bird has never been awarded the MVP Award. Her strength lies in her ability to put her teammates in positions where they can achieve greatness. She has played every game of her WNBA career in Seattle, where the Storm recognized her talent and drafted her first overall in 2002.

Bird is a member of a select club, that of professional basketball players who have spent at least 20 years playing for the same team. Other members of this elite group include Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki.

Dan Hughes, who coached Bird for a couple of seasons and on the Olympic squad in 2021, noted that the connection that Bird has with the city of Seattle is a really important thing. Hughes coached Bird on both teams. “In a major league city that features football, basketball, and baseball, that city also features all of those other types of sports. has a university been shut down, she has produced something that is unparalleled in its likeness.

“There are a lot of people in that neighborhood, and each one of them has their own Sue Bird tale. In Seattle, residents can relate to and identify with her, which does not happen frequently. It’s pretty remarkable when it does happen.”

Bird, like other aging champions such as Serena, who recently announced that she will retire from competitive tennis, and Allyson Felix, who was a star on the track and field circuit and recently announced her retirement, Bird did not let her career end without putting up a fight.

During Game 3, she made a 3-pointer that gave Seattle the lead with 0.8 seconds left. However, Las Vegas nailed a jumper at the buzzer to send the game into overtime, where the Aces pulled away to win the game. Game 3 was Seattle’s last chance to win the series.

Bird’s final game of her career was a struggle, as she scored just eight points on three of eight shots.

Due to the defeat, she is no longer riding with Taurasi, who is also a graduate of the University of Connecticut.

Taurasi remarked that “looking back on it, it’s been great to be in a career with your best buddy for 20 years,” referring to their professional relationship. “You don’t get to do that, and most people don’t get to do that in any job, so don’t even think about it in relation to basketball. It’s been a wonderful ride up until this point.”

One that has helped Bird become one of the most well-known and respected players in the history of the WNBA. Bird now holds the record for most career assists in the WNBA.

Fans went to see Bird play for the last time after she said that this season will be her final one in the NBA. The greatest audiences of the season for the home team were typically seen at Storm road games. For example, 14,162 people went to see Bird’s farewell game in Phoenix versus Taurasi.

The admiration she receives from her contemporaries is contagious.

When you play with her and are in her presence as a teammate, you have an appreciation for so much for what she brings, said Jen Rizzotti, who coached her on the 2021 Olympic team. “When you play with her and are in her presence as a teammate, you have an appreciation for so much for what she brings,” The other players in the league speak so highly of her and look up to her as a role model since she is so well respected.

In addition, the manner in which Bird handles herself is the kind of thing that would make any parent proud.

Bird’s mother, Nancy, has this to say about her daughter: “To see what she’s accomplished, I can’t say enough about her.” It’s incredible to think that she has always had such a passion for the sport.

Bird has been successful in transferring her enthusiasm for the sport to other players.

Rizzotti remarked that “she led by example and treated people the way they should be handled.” Because Bird “has been so selfless in a way that made other players appear incredibly fantastic,” it is difficult for anyone to have a negative opinion of her.

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